Month: June 2016

Azita The Cyclops

Azita just turned one in April, she is a happy, incredibly independent, stubborn, lab and boxer mix and she is my absolute savior and best friend. I came home from work one day and she didn’t come to greet me like she usually does, I went to my room and she was laying on the […]

My 3 year old golden retriever

About 6 months ago we noticed Glory’s eye was clouded and she didn’t seem to see things on her right side. Took her to the vet and she said there was something seriously wrong with her eye. She referred us to an opthamologist who determined that she has a detached retina, making her blind in […]

Sad time for my little girl

I have a Minature Schnauzer who will be 13 years old on July 1, 2016. She has always been in good health until recently she was vomiting bile. Did an ultrasound and nothing was found. After giving her nausea pills she hasn’t thrown up anymore. She had been having some eye changes but the vet […]

Blind Shar Pei

Hi all.18 months ago our 9 yr old healthy Sharpei started having eye problems due to glaucoma, heavy breathing at night alerted us that something was wrong! After taking him to the vet we were told he would need to have both eyes removed to relieve the pain, the vet assured us this was the […]

Miss Downton

glaucoma - blind dog

I noticed that my dog Diesel was squinting a lot in her left eye. Also it was red around her eyelid in her left eye. I also noticed compared to get right eye it was black in colour. Not like her right eye that was normal. Also it glowed like a cat’s eye when light […]

My Best Buddy George

My Yorkie George just went blind. It happened so fast! Seven months ago at his yearly exam I was told that he was too heavy so my husband and I switched to a much more nutritional food for all the dogs (3). George lost weight over a course of six or seven months and we […]

9 week old pup lost her eye

My 9-week-old shepherd terrier mix puppy lost her eye today in a disturbing accident. I have been carefully working to socialize my pup and introduce her to my seemingly friendly 13 year old cat. I read articles online and followed all of the advice in introducing the two, and the transition seemed to be going […]

Eddie’s Story

Eddie Murphy is a 6 year old beagle who was named by one of out grandsons. We found Eddie at a shelter in Florida when he was a little puppy. He is a charming little guy, he loves people, other dogs, cats, bugs, everything!!! I always thought he had such big eyes but never thought […]