Month: February 2016

Rockos Journey

Just last week I had noticed that my two and a half year old Great Danes eye had turned grey, I immediately called my vet and she came to look at him. Rocko is deathly afraid of Veterinary Clinics so we had found a women to come to our house and look at him, she […]

General Chow

My dog General is having enucleation surgery on his left eye today. He can’t see out of his right eye due to cataracts and previous swelling so I tried very hard to save his left eye. He bumped into a wall about a month ago and he seemed to be wincing in pain a bit […]

Breton’s story

Hi everyone, I’ve had my black lab, Breton, for 7 years now and he is a happy, healthy and loving dog. Last year he developed glaucoma in his right eye and had surgery to remove it. He rebounded quickly and life went back to normal. Unfortunately the glaucoma had spread over the last 8 months […]

Rosie continued

We’re back to let you know how our experience is going. Rosie had her surgery on February 1st at our local vet – they are fabulous! I was torn between crying and throwing up when I dropped her off but in the end I did neither. My husband and I picked her up that afternoon […]

Our new dog Jack and his story

I work for a vet and one day a woman came in to ask if we knew of any shelters that would take her 11 yr old rat terrier. She told me that her house had been foreclosed on and her new apartment would not allow pets. I asked what she was doing with the […]