Month: January 2016


Hi everyone! Thanks for being here, I need some compassionate and understanding dog loving friends right now. Two years ago I decided that I needed a small dog. I mean really small. I found a woman who breeds Imperial Shiatsus. Rosie came home at 9 weeks looking like a hamster or maybe a chipmunk. She […]


Adopted at 4 y/o, now going on 6. SARDS diagnosed 9 months after adoption. He has adapted like a champ, believe our other dog is key. He is an amazing terrier mix but did notice increase in thirst, appetite several months before diagnosis. Very difficult adjustment at first but with patience and love, he seems […]

The twists and turns of life.

My dog Harley is a Yorkshire terrier. He is 6 years old and I have been his mama since he was 6 weeks old. I paid my hard earned money to buy this dog to be my buddy, companion, best friend…you get the idea. Well, it turns out he took to my husband. (Who didn’t […]

Dog attack causes chill is dilema

Today, my beautiful 13 week old corgi puppy was attacked by another dog and had her eye detached in the attack. Not a mark on her but for the loss of her eye by the other dogs tooth. We are shattered as our fur baby remains at the vet surgery under sedation waiting for her […]