Month: November 2015

My boy

Alonzo is a 13 yr old Schnoodle. Alonzo loves being outside. We have an invisible fence system. Unfortunately Alonzo has run out into woods many times chasing after creatures he sees in the woods on our property. He has injured his one eye repeatedly over last couple of years. I have been able to manage […]

My dog Maisie 2 and half years old

Last Tuesday I took my dog Maisie – a springer spaniel who is 2 and a half to the vets as I noticed all of a sudden her eye didn’t look right. Her right eye was cloudy, both eyes look slightly swollen and uncomfortable. The vet checked her over and said she has uveitis and […]

Love, Chicken Broth and Compassion

Mr. Charles, the world’s most amazing weenie dog, started having seizures a few weeks ago and within days he was hospitalized and we went through every possible test and after learning that he was dying in a cage urinating in a diaper, we went to the hospital to bring him home to die with dignity. […]