Month: May 2015

My Baby’s Eyes

My dogs name is Baby and she is a 14 year old black toy poodle. First her hearing is going too. I noticed she had eye problems about 6 years ago. There was just a tiny light there in her eyes and it gradually got bigger over the years.Our veterinarian monitored her vision and she […]

9 yo Shih Tzu

Cody, our Shih Tzu went for a treat at the same time as our lab. The labs tooth caught the corner of Cody’s eye. After trying to save the eye we ended up having it removed. Surgery was just over 3 weeks ago and the stitches were removed 10 days ago. He now on occasion […]

Zelda my blind border collie

Zelda is a border collie that was born with severe glaucoma. She was given up to the mscp due to her being blind. When I first saw her picture I feel in love. Her bio said she needed a home with a companion dog and we thought our 4 year old dog would be great […]

Brady’s History

I was volunteering at the local Animal Shelter and Brady a Cocker Poodle keep on being brought back and there was talk of putting him down. Since my Dachsie was I thought very old at 15 (she lived to be 21!), I wanted to have a dog when she was gone. I was a dog […]

Wilma’s eyes

I was blessed with the adoption of Wilma the Pug, last month. She is approximately 5-7 years old and the sweetest girl. Her left eye is completely blind and her right eye is extremely dry and ulcerated. She is currently on antibiotic drops two times a day and wetting drops 4 times a day. I […]

Furry Family Member in Pain

A few months ago during the winter, my dog Noel had a red eye. We thought that she maybe got some salt in her eye from the months of snow we had in New York. We brought her to the vet and he put her on some drops and didn’t seem too concerned about it. […]