Month: April 2015

My Toby

My best buddy,Toby, Jack Russell terrier/shiba Inu/doxie mix has been my love for 12 yrs. His mom is still with me at age 16 and has cancer but still loves life. Toby had an anal gland infection about a year ago. He was staring at the wall and looking down and not interested in playing […]

I’m her eyes, she’s my heart

Alma is a rescue dog from Spain. I adopted her to Finland in August 2010. From the moment I picked her from Helsinki airport, I’ve loved her very deeply. Alma was estimated 3 years old when I adopted her, so now she’s about 8. She had spent 2 years in the dog shelter in Spain […]

My Daisy

Our beautiful, loving Redbone Coonhound, Daisy is a Hurricane Katrina survivor from Mississippi. She was found as a puppy in a library with a bunch of other animals. When we heard her story, we knew that must be the reason she is so smart! We are her 3rd family and have had her about almost […]