Month: March 2015

The Philsiest Phils There Ever Was

I first met my dog when he was eight years old. I was working serving tables at a restaurant and had started dating one of my managers (tisk risk..). It was when I came over to his house one night that I met Phil, some kind of lab-shepherd-chow mix with the biggest ears and furriest […]

Blind boxer

On this past Sunday. My husband and I were unloading groceries and noticed Molly wasn’t right behind us as usual. We have 2 boxers Molly is 4 and Remi is 7 . It took us hours to locate Molly but we eventually located her just standing in the woods motionless. It’s been nearly a week […]

My Mr Bear

Hi I have a mastiff his name is Mr Bear. He’s 150 pounds and the biggest sweetest lap dog ever!! He’s mommy’s baby no doubt and yes he’s way too spoiled but I wouldn’t have it any other way. About 2 months ago I noticed his eyes were both swollen one morning so I immediately […]


Hi everyone… name is Rich and I have a Brussels Griffon, Dunkin who is 8 yrs. old. Roughly 2 yrs. ago, Dunkin had cataract surgery in both eyes. Since 2012, he has developed a detached retina in his left eye…..probably from glaucoma….and the eye pressure has been steadily going up. I took him to the […]