Month: February 2015

Smiley Riley

Riley is a 10-yr-old golden retriever mix that was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, keacidosis (sp?), and a heart murmur. After nearly two weeks on meds (which made her feel better), she literally lost her vision to cataracts in about 24 hours. I am hoping that once we get her physical condition stabilized, […]


My English springer spaniel went blind over Christmas. Test for cushings was negative so we think it is sards. I found the initial diagnosis very hard to cope with but she seems to cope well and it’s important to remember she is a dog not a human. Of course we have padded everything and are […]

My Little Lola

In April of 2014 my 9 year old Puggle was diagnosed with diabetes. By June she had developed cataracts in both eyes. Unfortunately, I was kicked out of the condo she had been living in her whole life in August (landlord sold it and the new buyer upped the rent astronomically) so I had to […]

Our Staffie’s recent diagnosis

I am very grateful to have found your site, but I am also now a little more worried about Zoe, our soon-to- be 10 year old female Staffie. With pressure in her left eye at 38 and her right at 27 the Doctor diagnosed her with glaucoma in both eyes. He prescribed 250 mg of […]

An Update on Bailey’s Eye Operation

Its a couple of months since I was on here, and I just wanted to update you on Bailey’s eye operation, and hopefully help reassure Craig regarding his little spaniel. I really hope she is doing better now. We went ahead with having Bailey’s remaining, right eye removed on Dec 11th 2014, and our lovely […]

Blind dog being bullied by our other dog

Our dog Benny has recently gone totally blind. Always the more subservient to the dominant Indah (female dog), she often showed aggression towards him by showing her teeth and very occasionally there was the odd fight. Although they have lived together for ten years and she’s a very intelligent dog, I somehow thought she would […]

My beautiful boy Drake

My 10 1/2 year old Weimaraner, Drake, is schedule to have his right eye removed Thursday morning. A fast-approaching 1 1/2 days away. I’m beside myself. A few weeks ago I noticed some redness around his eye and squinting. Two days later we were at our vet with a diagnosis of ‘simple’ conjunctivitis and we […]

Our boy Jim

I vowed never to get another dog after I lost mine 14 years ago, but a trip to an adoption center with my daughter introduced me to “Jim”! He’s a 3 yr old pointer mix who has been returned to the shelter twice. First home had small kids and second home had 2 other blind […]

My sweet Maddi

I received a puppy for Christmas. A beautiful golden doodle. She was the runt of 13 and I knew from the start she was not quite right but everyone told me she was just a little slow to develop. I soon learned she was severely visual impaired. She is now 11 weeks we have an […]