Month: January 2015

Tasha our family companion

How our human lives changed on Wednesday, Jan 21, 2015. Tasha our 9 yr old Akita has just been diagnosed with glaucoma with blindness (totally blind in right eye) and left eye 22mmHg pressure and looking crappy. Anyway, my husband came home from work Wednesday, Tasha not being herself. Face swollen and acting like she […]


Brandi is a ten year old Maltese. She belonged to my father and when he passed away 4 years ago, I took her. She went blind suddenly about 5 weeks ago due to SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome). This condition has no cure and no known cause. It doesn’t cause pain, but causes confusion […]

My dog is blind!

I have a 10.5 year old cocker spaniel who was diagnosed with Glaucoma last July 2014. It was her left eye and by the time we realized it, she was blind pretty quickly. We have been treating her good eye with Timolol drops since August to hopefully prevent her right eye from being affected. However, […]

Pissed at Glaucoma

The morning of New Year’s Day, yesterday, I let my 7 yr old shitzu-poo, Fergie, out to potty as our normal routine. She acted fine as usual except she went under my bed upon coming back in the house which she usually finds my lap. So, that alerted me and when I coaxed her out. […]