Month: September 2014

Waiting nervously

About a week ago I noticed my baby’s eye had started to weep a little more than normal and he was keeping it closed, squinting. I didn’t take much notice of this because he ALWAYS gets bits and pieces in his eyes and manages to blink them out, but after it wasn’t getting better I […]

Cleo Wolf

9-11-14 Just found your website, Cleo was my son’s basset hound, I was actually thrilled when my son moved back home (after serving in the Peace Corps) – with Cleo! And Cleo – gradually became my/our dog. She lost one eye, then the other to glaucoma, we were referred to Dr. Elizabeth Adkins at the […]

My milo

Milo is a cocker spaniel 5 years old we have had him from being a puppy, he is a big softie. Shortly after we got milo we realised he had something wrong with his eye, we took him to the vet who referred to a specialist and he diagnosed him with a chacteracts in his […]

Otis, The “South” Boston Terrier

Well, it is like this, Otis, the Boston Terrier has a South Boston attitude! He is kinda like that rabbit in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”! When he goes to the vet, he has to be put in solitary so he dose not cause a riot among the other dogs. Anyway, Otis recently went […]

3 year old dog with retinal deterioration

I have a 3 year old yellow lab named Bailey and a 3 year old chocolate lab named Shelby. The yellow lab is going blind slowly. I started to notice she was running into things, she was very careful to go down stairs, and getting out of vehicles. She was having trouble finding toys that […]