Month: May 2014


Bart is a blind diabetic cushionoid shih tzu that is 15 years old. Last week he had a posterior lens capsule rupture in which caused a lot of pain. Bart went to go see the veterinary opthomologist. They recommended enucleation. Just this past Tuesday Bart had his left eye removed at his regular vet clinic. […]

Zoie Marie…..Our empty nest PUP

Our dog’s name is Zoie Marie. She’s a 4.9 pound, coco brown poodle. She’s been a godsend to us in so many ways. She’s always been very active and filled with pep. She loves people and people seem to gravitate to her …. … until about six months ago when she was diagnosed with Progressive […]

Wee Leo Loses Sight

My Shih Tzu, Leo is 8 years old. He had been a little clumsy the past 6 months or so, like falling when jumping from his favorite perch on the sofa, or leaping from the steps two or three before the bottom and falling. In January, he was sitting in my friend’s lap when he […]