Month: April 2014

Sunshine and loss of vision – vitreous & retina

We were fortunate that we caught Sunshine’s vitreous degeneration before she was a year old. I noticed that she seemed to be having a problem getting around. We only had her for about 6 months before I noticed and she was about 10 months old at the time. Her retina in her left eye completely […]

Little Boy Life Adventures

LL.B. has had to face lots of changes and loss. L.B. stands for Little Boy but also for many other things…lounge boy, lover boy, little booboo, on and on. My mother and stepfather as a puppy rescued him; they found him scared and wild behind an abandoned house. We have no idea what mixed breed […]

Thank you for the information

I found out today that my darling Yorkie is very much like the dog in this story. Because of high blood pressure, her retina detached, became infected, and now we may have to have the eye removed. We are at the “antibiotic” stage to see if the swelling and infection goes down. But the eye […]


Boydee, my Jack Russell has glaucoma. I took Boydee to my vet as I had noticed his eyes had a bluish tinge to them. The vet diagnosed cataracts and told me he had already lost sight in his left eye. He checked Boydee over and said he was in good health otherwise. Fast forward 5 […]

Buddy the Super Duper Blind Dog

Hello, my name is Mike and I live in Sunrise Florida. This is a story about my dog Buddy, a Silky Terrier. My beloved sister Regina passed away suddenly without warning on February 4th, 2010. That’s when Buddy became the “brother” I never had. Truth is, I really didn’t like him that much prior to […]