Month: February 2014

Lucy the Magic Pug

Lucy has been my constant companion and bestie for the past 13 years. She has lived with me in three different states, sat with me after many breakups, celebrated with me when I finally married the one. Through all the good times and bad, there was always Lucy the Magic Pug. Words do her no […]

Oscar my wonderful pug

Oscar is my terrific loving pug. He is seven years old and has recently (6 days ago) become blind. Here is his story. Two years ago Oscar had an accident and lost his eye. He had to have it removed for health sake. On Saturday I came home and saw Oscars other eye was protruding […]

Sophie’s blind

Sophie is an 8 year old pug. Always healthy, until suddenly I noticed 3 weeks ago she was bumping into things. Since then I have seen her vision deteriorate rapidly, and now I believe she is completely blind. My vet sent us to an ophthalmologist and he did the ERG and saw minimal retinal activity. […]

My Sweet Lola

Lola is my beautiful brindle 6 year old Bull Mastiff. This all started the end of August when my son went to go feed Lola her dinner. He came in and said her left eye was swollen shut. I went and got her and put a warm compress on it. I thought maybe she scratched […]

Rescue Reba

Reba came into our lives July 2013 after being rescued from a kill shelter in Austin, TX. She was rescued by Texas Sled Dog Rescue and was first placed into medical care in College Station, TX for two months before coming into our home. Reba is a 5 yr old wooly Siberian Husky. She was […]

Angel Pie

Three weeks ago my Angel Pie had 2 beautiful brown eyes, then we woke up one morning to see her left eye swollen shut. Off to the vet we raced and they gave us drops and did some tests. We were then told she had to go and see an eye specialist who told us […]

My Sweet Yoshi

Yoshi is one of 6 toy dogs that own my husband George and I. Yoshi is a 4 year old White and black Japanese Chin. She is a love bug and she and I have been joined at the hip since day one. We put Yoshi to bed two nights ago and she was fine. […]

Our “Kate”

We found Kate in a shelter in Santa Fe, NM. We walked around the corner she looked at us and tilted her head to the side and that was it. We found out she was a purebred Border Collie, but she had a funny way of walking, almost like she had a bent frame… the […]