Month: August 2013


Hello everyone – we are Loren & Neil from the UK but now Australian citizens living in Perth, West Australia, and we are just starting a new chapter in our lives with our 2 adopted Jack Russells Eddie (9-ish) & Elsie (5-ish). This year Ed began to suffer a bit with arthritis – we had […]

One Sad Boston Terrier

I have a Boston Terrier named Soxs. She is 9 yrs old but started noticing cloudiness in her eyes when she was 3yrs. I am the kind of person to read up on anything to do with Boston’s. I learned that she had Juvenile Cataracts which should of been bred out of her line. She […]

Stevie Wonder

He’s black, he’s blind, he has curly hair (poodle) and was named by the litter owner. It fits in so many ways that there was never a thought of changing his name. Stevie arrived to us when he was 6 weeks old and is now 4 years old. It was like having a newborn baby […]