Month: July 2013


I first found out about Winston from Vancouver Shar-Pei Rescue, who had posted an urgent appeal to save him on his last day at a high-kill shelter near Los Angeles. Winston was a very cute, sable male Shar-Pei described as depressed, aggressive, and losing heart. The shelter personnel didn’t like him and he was going […]

Spencer~cocker spaniel

Spencer developed glaucoma in his right eye in October of 2011 when he was 8 years old. The weekend he developed it happened to be the weekend that all the ophthalmic vets were away at a conference. By the time he was seen, he was blind. We first tried chemical ablation to affected eye to […]

Coco my rockstar!

My 5 year old chocolate lab, Coco, was diagnosed with Glaucoma in October 2011 – my entire family was devastated and we cried – a lot! It was a hard time for my family as my father had recently passed away and my mom was fighting breast cancer. However, Coco’s resilience and good nature helped […]

Samantha – the one eyed wonder!

Shortly after moving 1,000 miles to North Carolina, my now husband and I began fostering an 8 year old mini poodle mix nearly 3 years ago from a local shelter. She had kennel cough and we thought we had no risk of wanting to adopt her. Jared (my other half) had grown up without any […]

What happened to Murphy

Murphy is a 7 year old male Dachshund. He is so full of life! I have two Dachshunds and by far, Murphy was my favorite! (Sorry Guiness). Murphy wasn’t like a regular Dachshund. He ran and played and jumped to catch Frisbees and his treats. He rustled with me and my son on the floor. One […]


Zeeva is my little Papillion. Before she was a year old we noticed her eyes changing from black to navy blue to light blue. Then black pigment started to come into the blue. She had severe luxating patellas so we were referred to CSU vet school in Fort Collins. We decided to have her eyes […]