Month: June 2013

Sydney’s journey..

I got Sydney and his brother from the same litter of Italian Greyhounds in 2001. Their momma was a puppy mill dog- so of course Syd and Sprout have had many health ailments. He said they were Italian Greyhounds – but actually they are much bigger but not quite as big as a Whippet. Anyway […]

My best friend

Gracie was a rescue dog I knew from the minute I saw her that she was mine. Gracie is a little curly white Bishon now about 6 years old. About 4 years ago II found out she has cataracts in both eyes. She gets along quite well with only a few limitations but I worry […]

Sasha’s Story

Sasha is an Akita born in Sept of 2003. In Dec 2011 Sasha came in the house with what at first look like an injury to her right eye. Her 3rd eye lid was protecting it like crazy. It was obvious to us that she was in some kind of pain. We took her to […]


Cedric was (almost) a ten-year-old cocker spaniel when glaucoma affected his right eye. He was obviously in great pain & we did not know what was going on. We took him to the vet & the pressure in his eye was extremely high. We put him on a couple of kinds of drops & then […]