Month: May 2013

Medicine for glaucoma??

Hi everyone! My name is Heather and my dog Frankie is not doing so good. He went completely blind about 10 months ago. He was finding his way just fine and still happy until recently. He was diagnosed with glaucoma in his right eye. It is so swollen and drops aren’t working after being on […]


My 9 year old bichon was diagnosed with glaucoma in his right eye 4 month’s ago. After the vet looked him over, he told me that he had glaucoma in that eye. He put him on two kinds of drops, and an oral pill to make him urinate more often. Then he told me that […]


Blackie is a bit of special needs Spoodle. He came to me as a nervous rescue dog with severe separation anxiety and a heart condition. Although no longer nervous the separation anxiety is still an issue and has seem me climb out of windows and all sorts 🙂 Blackie started to develop cloudy eyes which […]

Elly and Dozer; Our Furbabies

Almost seven years ago we saw an ad for basset hound puppies. After getting our male basset, Dozer, I felt bad for him having to be home alone when we were at work. So when I saw the ad for puppies, I knew we had to have another. And I knew I had to have […]