Month: March 2013

Maggie Isabella

Maggie Isabella is our 9.5 week old mini dachshund…we found out a week ago that she was blind. We had started noticing the 2nd week we had her that she was running into everything, so we mentioned that to our vet at her regular appointment for shots..he checked her eyes and said both of her […]

Roxy’s Glaucoma

My Roxy is a Miniature Schnauzer, she will be 5 years old on 10 March 2013. I can honestly say that I picked up that something wasn’t right with my Roxy as soon as the Glaucoma started in her eyes. She was completely blind in both her eyes as the blood clots were situation right […]

Abbey Update

Had to leave the room to go cry last night..It looks a though she has already lost most, if not all of her sight in her left eye. Did a test rushing my palm towards her on that side, no reaction until I was an inch away, no blink, nothing. The other eye reacts within […]