15.5 yr. old Shitzu already 80% blind, ruptured his eye 10 days ago

Buggz - blind dogMy old Shitzu who is relatively healthy(except kidney disease & hypothyroidism) was out in the kitchen 10 days ago eating his dinner, he all the sudden came running out yelping, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and the more I tried to comfort him the more he screamed, I was freaked! Finally after about 45 mins he calmed down enough for me to check him out, his left eye was weepy.

We got him to the vet first thing in the morning, his eye was bleeding and had a visible pin prick that was leaking, when the vet went to take a look Buggz his screaming started again! The Vet told me the eye had to come out, but then changed his mind and we are trying to see if it can heal, the vet said if it wasn’t for Buggz’s age the eye would be taken out.

So now after 10 days of antibiotics,eye drops every 2 hrs. and eye ointment 2 times a night and of course painkillers and wearing a cone 24 hrs. a day, his eye is looking much better, still looks like a pimple with a whitehead, and the white of his eye is bloodshot still but it looks way better and hopefully is healing!

He goes back to the vet on Friday for another re-check. If anyone has had similar happenings please let me know!
The photo is of his eye the first day after injury.

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